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About Us

Since 1987, Power Music has been the world's #1 source of music for fitness professionals and has steadily grown in other related markets (Personal Workout, Mind-Body, and Dance). A massive music library, extensive base of customer advocates, established mail-order and E-commerce operations and talented employees with over 50 years of cumulative experience comprise the foundation of our success. We are a music company that is passionate about producing music that is functional for a variety of uses.

Our History

In 1987 and just out of high school, Richard Petty had a day job in a record store and was working nights as a DJ when he discovered a new exciting opportunity. With the advent of the aerobic fitness craze, Richard began custom mixing tapes for his instructor-customers. Those tapes were the genesis of Power Music, the specialty music business he started that is now recognized as the world leader of an industry he simultaneously gave birth to.

Established in Gaithersburg, MD in 1987, Power Music was the first company to provide pre-mixed music programs for fitness professionals. From the beginning, Richard had a vision of being the leading company and provider of music with a purpose (Applied Music). The company was first known as East Coast Music Productions, but due to its rapid growth beyond the east coast, the company's name soon was changed to Power Productions and eventually to Power Music. In 1995 the company was relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Over the years the company has developed alliances with a host of other well known fitness-related companies including; ESPN's Fitness Pros exercise show, Bally's Health Clubs, IKON Health and Fitness Products including their NordicTrack®, Proform®, HealthRider®, and Reebok® brands of home fitness equipment, Billy Blank's Tae Bo™ Workout Video series, 24-hour Fitness, Men's Health Magazine, Body By Jake's "Cardio Cruiser" as well as licensed music for Power Bar® advertisements and an NBC "Movie Of The Week".

Power Music Industry Innovations

Power Music has a legendary history of innovations, including, but not limited to:

  • The first company to produce pre-mixed music compilations for fitness instructors
  • The first to standardize 32 count music phrasing
  • The first to offer Workout Music on CD format
  • The first to create a Fitness Music E-commerce website
  • The first to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The first to offer Listen Before You Buy music previewing
  • The first to offer music for virtually every class format such as step, kickboxing and more

Global Marketing and Distribution

Power Music currently serves approximately 125,000 fitness professionals around the world, including Canada, Europe, Japan, Egypt, Malaysia, New Zealand, Korea, and South Africa through authorized distributors. New international distributor relationships are constantly being explored and established each year.